Thursday, March 31, 2011

As promised...some budget friendly options :-) I'm loving these tin cans wrapped with lace. Start saving your coffee cans for some chic bridal and baby shower centerpieces.

Photography: Lizelle Lotter
Decor and flowers: Vars Liefde

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding cakes have become a detailed, eye catching part of every wedding reception.  Each Bride is looking for a cake that will stand out and be described as unique and different! Whatever your wedding look, there’s a cake to match.  Gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome looking pieces.  I’m sure we all remember those oh so lovely, fountains and stairways,…but today’s wedding cakes are full of details, color and amazing flavor.
   For our first feature, I went over to visit Linda Kelsey of Kelsey’s Kakes to chat with her regarding the eruption of designer wedding cakes for brides, and sometimes grooms ;).  Linda has been designing wedding cakes for over sixteen years, realizing she had a special talent after making her first Train cake for her son’s birthday.  Her style is recognizable within the LaSalle-Peru and surrounding areas.
Linda says one of the most popular trends she has seen recently has been “square wedding cakes and using colored ribbon that matches the color theme of the wedding.”
 When I asked Linda what advice she has for Brides when choosing their wedding cake, she explained, that it’s not necessarily advice she would give, since she wants the Brides to choose what they want! However, she will tell Brides to stay away from crazy tri-colors or something that might seem a little “too much”. You never know what the bride and groom are going to want, Imagine if you can a Ballerina and Construction cake adorned with Tutu’s and Tools.  When it comes to cake styles, it seems Kelsey’s Kakes has done them all.  From, small personalized birthday cakes to elaborate and elegant jeweled wedding cakes. She works hard at bringing your vision to life while creating a cake that doesn’t loose the quality in taste. 
One of the biggest misconceptions is that Brides sometimes think that to get that look of a gorgeously smooth cake, they must resort to using the ever so popular fondant.  Linda Kelsey uses butter cream and her cakes and designs are in one word, Perfect!

If you’re interested in ordering a wedding cake through Kelsey’s Kakes, plan ahead two-three months or you can just decide your wedding date based on Kelsey’s Kakes availability….she’s that good!  

My 30th Birthday Cake =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Over the weekend, I've been working on a "Cute as a Button" themed baby Shower.  It's been so fun to bring it all together.  Then I just so happen to be looking around tonight online for more inspirations, and I saw these two photos.  It is a reminder that the look and details of your wedding can really become anything your heart desires.   Here they have created a beautifully soft look with these buttons.  Add some ivory flowers, and some lace and you can easily start to see "Wedding"! 
Photos by Eternal Reflections Photography.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Wedding Planner??? For What?!?

 I guess when you consume yourself with wedding magazines, blogs, and sometimes forget that not everyone is that passionate or concerned with "the details". After experiencing so many weddings in Chicago, I saw that a "Day-Of" wedding coordinator has become a typical part of a Brides budget.  Yet, the question that has been brought to me several times recently is ...Why would I want to hire a wedding coordinator? 
Let me first say most importantly, you don't have to be obsessed with the details, and be on a lavish budget to desire and hire a Wedding Planner. With a variety of weddings these days there comes a variety of budgets and as a Wedding coordinator, I like to offer something for every budget!!  Even those with a Pig-Pickin backyard BBQ wedding could still benefit from a wedding planner at some point in the planning process- but why?

Hiring a wedding planner will make the planning process stress free and enjoyable, it can take several pressures off the Bride and Groom.  A wedding planner usually will have good contacts with other vendors such as bakers, photographers, and florist.  Usually having experience, a wedding planner can anticipate issues that may arise that haven't been thought about by the Bride and Groom.  We can help Brides come up with ideas that will add personalization to their wedding, and sometimes a planner can just begin by giving good direction to the Bride who doesn't even know where to start. 
It's easy for couples to get overwhelmed, and that's what a planner helps to avoid.  A Wedding Planner will provide etiquette, budget, and time lines for each couple to save them time and energy and be a major support system for the big event.  Getting your big day to flow well is important no matter where your having your wedding, and having a planner will help make that all run smoothly. By working closely with each couple, we can make the most important aspects of your wedding really happen and make adjustments quick and flawlessly when needed.  We want to bring your vision to a reality!  The day of your wedding should be pure bliss, and there's no time for headaches worrying about if your aunt put the place cards where they were suppose to go, or if your cousin remembered to put rose petals around the dessert table.  Trust me, you won't have time the day of your wedding to be making last minute decisions let alone be decorating your reception hall.  The Wedding Coordinator will be the person that everyone goes to for issues the day of your Wedding rather than you, the happy couple.  Who wants to ruin a couples big day by telling them the photographer hasn't arrived.  Having a coordinator - they will have already confirmed that the photographer will be there, and if he/she isn't- your coordinator will be tracking your vendors down for you! " Wedding day coordinators take over the "business" side of the wedding" allowing brides and their families to relax and have fun.  Many Brides admit later that they almost didn't hire a wedding coordinator but realized afterwards that it was the best money spent on the entire wedding.  Brides want a perfect wedding day and we as Wedding Coordinators make your day perfect!  If you haven't considered hiring a Wedding Coordinator you should! Your vendors and family will thank you ;-)