Monday, January 9, 2012

{DIY- Boutonnieres}

I made all the boutonnieres for our wedding, attempting to replicate what "rose" boutonniers would look like.  I was happy with them- but  I will say if your going for fresh flowers which are always classic and beautiful!  Hire a floral designer!
BUT- Going along with today's weddings being personalized and filled with DIY{do it yourself}....I'd say create some boutonnieres with some personable style. Wow- I've seen some really neat ideas you can use as inspiration for this type of "craft"

~tie fresh herbs together
Artwork/Herb-Boutonnieres-diagram.jpg ...

~ Sew colorful buttons of varying shapes/sizes and use funky wiring for the stems

~ Use colorful ribbon, fabrics, and patterns to create brilliant petals

Friday, January 6, 2012

{It's 2012}

Happy New Years to all the new 2012 beautiful brides, brides who have just started to plan and brides who have been planning for quite awhile. 

2012 is going to continue the trend of originality, personable expression, and true thoughtfulness from the Bride and Groom. 

Bridal Fashion will continue to add detail to gowns with georgeous sashes and layered fabrics. Blush toned gowns will also emerge for those wishing for an extremely soft look.
Jim Hjelm Collection

"Texture" is all over this New Years Bridal Trends, which can bring in some really vintage and classic pieces or show off the couples modern style.

Photobooths will remain popular with added props to create a fun memory- but now don't be suprised if you see "backdrops" set up for the evening- This could be fun for both your guest and your photographer :)  Speaking of Photographers, their becoming more and more creative...always finding new "perfect shots" new poses, new locations to shoot at - and the stuff they do is simply amazing. Hiring one of those fresh and "always thinking out of the box" photographers is a trend I think will stay strong.  Who wants to look back at boring wedding photos?

Finally- The "IT" color has been designated by pantone this year as "Tangerine Tango" Weddings are going to look H.O.T this summer!

Well- there's so many more but just wanted to start you off with a few ideas to get those thoughts flowing if you were wondering where your wedding falls with the top trends or where you want to take your wedding with the inspirations you'll be seeing in the coming months.