Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hats "ON" to the Royal Wedding

Yesterday was the Royal Wedding and all of us tuned in to view Royal Elegance and untouchable grace.  I didn't want to blog about what everyone could see for themselves on ABC, NBC, TLC, etc.  I knew reading my daily wedding blogs, I'd see each one touch on her stunning gown, intricate tiara, and how well she carried herself as a new Princess, Classic. Timeless. Memorable!
First, a confession....I sadly didn't get to see Kate Middleton arrive.  I set my alarm for early a.m and planned to miss the arrival of the guest, Prince Charles and Prince Williams, but I went off a timeline that was listed in the newspaper and to my own fault didn't take notice that it said EDT!!! So as I turned my television on at 5:55am, and settled in still rubbing my eyes heart sank as I realized the two had already been married and were signing the registration and about to emerge for the first time as husband and wife. eyes were fixed when they emerged of course the new Princess was undeniably beautiful and the perfect royal bride.  Yet, I couldn't help but noticed the lovely "Yellow" Queen Elizabeth was wearing as the new Princess curtsied her.  All the fashion blogs have been mentioning Yellow and here it was!!!

And then the HATS...oh the HATS...the feather, bowed, chic, floral, in the air, wide brimmed HATS! Irish designer Philip Treacy made most of the hats for royals attending the wedding, unfortunately The hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding yesterday is being mocked endlessly online.
Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, Fergie's daughters
But, truthfully what better accessory or statement piece to express your fashion personality.  My 5 year old saw pieces of the Royal Wedding and asked specifically "what's with all the hats"?  So there's no denying, they get noticed!  Now I'm just waiting to see what trendy hats start popping up in our U.S retail stores.

Sophie Winkleman and Victoria Beckham

I personally like the soft colored, wide brimmed low fitting hats with touches of floral to them! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amanda, owner of Marien Mae had a chance to work with Laci McConnaughay a local makeup artist. SHE IS FABULOUS!  does at home appointments too ;-)
She did her makeup and they did a before and after photo!  Of course the makeup she is wearing is more for every day, but Laci takes a very personalized approach with her artistry and makes sure your makeup is photo ready for the big day!  Each bride recieves a consulation to tailor the image you want to present on your wedding day, and you can be assured you will be pleased with your results. She is also offering her services to the entire bridal party! Laci's information can be found under our "Vendor Guide" link- check it out!



What are the benefits of hiring an independent makeup artist?
- degree of professionalism
-Personalized attention
-Convenience for the entire bridal party
-Vast variety of cosmetics
-Willingness to travel to the location of your choice
-Provide relaxing atmosphere on the day of your wedding!

Our other favorites in the local area are Annefrances Salon and On the Six Salon- Both places do a wonderful job with an experience staff on hand to ensure that a bride looks amazing on her wedding day! You can recieve professional cosmetic application for any occassion!


Monday, April 25, 2011

wear something white...

I was back in my hometown for an entire week last week and was able to have some "retail therapy"! Even though it was cold and rainy pretty much the entire time, I couldn't get Springtime out of my head.  I refuse to think of sweaters and boots anymore at the end of April.
I grabbed this cute and comfy must-have for this summer and I even splurged and bought the belt along with it.
White is everywhere this Spring and will continue through the Summer *If summer ever arrives!
"Almost every Fashion house sent a white creation, as a romantic dress or a skirt with lace top combined in layers, on the catwalk"(
Delicate lace = IN,    Flirty = IN,    Sheer = IN,     Ruffled = IN,     Feminine Styles = THERE ALL IN!!
So go out and get ya some white for this summer, mix it up with some fun silver & gold accessories, and a pair of the many of styles of sandals that are in style this season and you can't go wrong!
P.S - Hydrogen Peroxide is awsome at getting small stains out of white clothes and suprisingly doesn't discolor most fabrics.  So it might be wise to have a bottle of this on hand at home too :-)
Just dab a little on the stain prior to washing and ta-da, the stain is gone with no yucky soap ring or discoloration.  I didn't believe it myself until I tried it and I've save several white clothing items to date with this little home remedy.  okay I'll stop now, because I just re-read the above sentences and realize I just sounded like one rehearsed commercial!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I love weddings with a Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, there is just something so innoccent and sweet about them.  If your ring bearer is old enough, here's some lovely ways for him to get those rings down that aisle...

The traditional ring bearer pillow

I love this flower...but try getting a little boy to carry it down the aisle!  Maybe the flower girl can???

For a rustic wedding- so perfect!

I love this little bird ring holder...use this on your wedding day and then keep your wedding ring safe throughout the year because you'll always know where you put it.

A perfect Ring Bowl can find these all over Etsy!

If you want to add lace or a vintage touch- place your rings upon these beautiful lace ring bearer bowls

No explaination needed!

If you have a unique way you had the ring bearer carry hold/carry your wedding bands- send me an email with a photo if possible.  I'd love to share your idea!

Monday, April 18, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers...

Rain, Rain go away.....or stay? Either way, Spring is upon us, and the wedding season is slowly emerging.  For those brides who are brave enough to plan a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, plan ahead with some chic, elegant, and fun umbrellas! Check out these awsome sites that allows you to rent them and they even ship them right to your door!! Splendor for your Guest and Bella Umbrellas

absolutely beautiful!

Mix match for a guest conversation piece

Flower girls! So idea??

Elizabeth Messina Photography

You don't need rain to use umbrellas at a wedding. They provide instant shade for outdoor summer ceremonies.

Your Guest with Thank-You!

La De Da Fine Art Photography

  They are the perfect accessory for a fun portrait session

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Distressed Furniture

Okay, so it was a work in progress, but I finally finished painting and slightly distressing this furniture piece I found out at my In-Laws storage building.  I took a before and after photo, and hope to improve my furniture distressing abilites over time...but for a first timer, I'm satisfied.  Advice and Tips are always appreciated ;-)
Before Photo
After Photo in Bridal Shop/hard to see the distress marks
I'd love to see example of other distressed pieces, so if you have something - send me a photo and tell me what your go-to process was.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Every bride needs to have a Wedding Day Survival Kit. If you do not have a wedding planner, I would advise in investing in one of these!

Check out for all kinds of fun emergency kits for HER & HIM! These can be purchased as a gift for all sorts of occassions.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Post-Wedding Brunch..."Yes Please!"

If your worried the time at your reception will breeze by and you'll be saying goodbye to your family and guest as soon as you said hello... 
You might consider having an informal brunch at the home of the parents of either the bride or  groom the following day so that you both can leisurely enjoy some time opening gifts and visiting with relatives and out of town guests before they leave. 
A simple menu might include an assortment of muffins, cut up fruit and mini quiches.  Mimosas, Bloody Marys, juices, tea and coffee will be perfect for beverages.  A special toast can be incuded as a personal touch!
Most brunches begin between 11:00 a.m - noon.  They only last a couple hours and allow guest to come and go as needed.  "The aim of a brunch is to delight the eye and refresh the body," says Serena Bass, founder of Serena Bass Inc., a New York City catering and events company.
When hosting a brunch that involves colorful decor, fresh food and personalized touches, you've found the perfect way to say good-bye to your guest and let them know you appreciate them sharing in your special day.

Have the host send a seperate fun invitation if your choosing to invite only those who traveled or limiting it to family/close friends

This might be an opportunity to offer family made gifts/favors to your guest.

Outdoor settings can be played up and give a beautiful, yet relaxed and casual feel to your gathering.

Display beverages in glass containers with slices of fruit; the bright bursts of color will pop.

Create simple and colorful looks so the bruch is not considered too formal.

:-) Remember those Bloody Mary's, this will be an extra special treat

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apothecary Jars = LOVE!

Apothecary Jars have been around for Centuries, and the original ones were used to hold spices, wine and other luxury items.  In the 16th Century they transitioned into more modern styles that were used by Pharmacist to store medicine, herbs & botany.  Now days, they are a stylish home and wedding accessory that I absolutely have fallen in love with.  There's just something about their versatile use and their vintage/modern combonation that just never lets me down. 

If your looking for a unique centerpiece, conversation starter, and something timeless, consider Apothecary Jars.  I love how this Bride turned the lid upsdie down and used it as a number holder as well as a centerpiece! 
Photo by Brookelyn Photography