Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hats "ON" to the Royal Wedding

Yesterday was the Royal Wedding and all of us tuned in to view Royal Elegance and untouchable grace.  I didn't want to blog about what everyone could see for themselves on ABC, NBC, TLC, etc.  I knew reading my daily wedding blogs, I'd see each one touch on her stunning gown, intricate tiara, and how well she carried herself as a new Princess, Classic. Timeless. Memorable!
First, a confession....I sadly didn't get to see Kate Middleton arrive.  I set my alarm for early a.m and planned to miss the arrival of the guest, Prince Charles and Prince Williams, but I went off a timeline that was listed in the newspaper and to my own fault didn't take notice that it said EDT!!! So as I turned my television on at 5:55am, and settled in still rubbing my eyes heart sank as I realized the two had already been married and were signing the registration and about to emerge for the first time as husband and wife. eyes were fixed when they emerged of course the new Princess was undeniably beautiful and the perfect royal bride.  Yet, I couldn't help but noticed the lovely "Yellow" Queen Elizabeth was wearing as the new Princess curtsied her.  All the fashion blogs have been mentioning Yellow and here it was!!!

And then the HATS...oh the HATS...the feather, bowed, chic, floral, in the air, wide brimmed HATS! Irish designer Philip Treacy made most of the hats for royals attending the wedding, unfortunately The hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding yesterday is being mocked endlessly online.
Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, Fergie's daughters
But, truthfully what better accessory or statement piece to express your fashion personality.  My 5 year old saw pieces of the Royal Wedding and asked specifically "what's with all the hats"?  So there's no denying, they get noticed!  Now I'm just waiting to see what trendy hats start popping up in our U.S retail stores.

Sophie Winkleman and Victoria Beckham

I personally like the soft colored, wide brimmed low fitting hats with touches of floral to them! 

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