Monday, April 25, 2011

wear something white...

I was back in my hometown for an entire week last week and was able to have some "retail therapy"! Even though it was cold and rainy pretty much the entire time, I couldn't get Springtime out of my head.  I refuse to think of sweaters and boots anymore at the end of April.
I grabbed this cute and comfy must-have for this summer and I even splurged and bought the belt along with it.
White is everywhere this Spring and will continue through the Summer *If summer ever arrives!
"Almost every Fashion house sent a white creation, as a romantic dress or a skirt with lace top combined in layers, on the catwalk"(
Delicate lace = IN,    Flirty = IN,    Sheer = IN,     Ruffled = IN,     Feminine Styles = THERE ALL IN!!
So go out and get ya some white for this summer, mix it up with some fun silver & gold accessories, and a pair of the many of styles of sandals that are in style this season and you can't go wrong!
P.S - Hydrogen Peroxide is awsome at getting small stains out of white clothes and suprisingly doesn't discolor most fabrics.  So it might be wise to have a bottle of this on hand at home too :-)
Just dab a little on the stain prior to washing and ta-da, the stain is gone with no yucky soap ring or discoloration.  I didn't believe it myself until I tried it and I've save several white clothing items to date with this little home remedy.  okay I'll stop now, because I just re-read the above sentences and realize I just sounded like one rehearsed commercial!

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