Monday, April 11, 2011

Post-Wedding Brunch..."Yes Please!"

If your worried the time at your reception will breeze by and you'll be saying goodbye to your family and guest as soon as you said hello... 
You might consider having an informal brunch at the home of the parents of either the bride or  groom the following day so that you both can leisurely enjoy some time opening gifts and visiting with relatives and out of town guests before they leave. 
A simple menu might include an assortment of muffins, cut up fruit and mini quiches.  Mimosas, Bloody Marys, juices, tea and coffee will be perfect for beverages.  A special toast can be incuded as a personal touch!
Most brunches begin between 11:00 a.m - noon.  They only last a couple hours and allow guest to come and go as needed.  "The aim of a brunch is to delight the eye and refresh the body," says Serena Bass, founder of Serena Bass Inc., a New York City catering and events company.
When hosting a brunch that involves colorful decor, fresh food and personalized touches, you've found the perfect way to say good-bye to your guest and let them know you appreciate them sharing in your special day.

Have the host send a seperate fun invitation if your choosing to invite only those who traveled or limiting it to family/close friends

This might be an opportunity to offer family made gifts/favors to your guest.

Outdoor settings can be played up and give a beautiful, yet relaxed and casual feel to your gathering.

Display beverages in glass containers with slices of fruit; the bright bursts of color will pop.

Create simple and colorful looks so the bruch is not considered too formal.

:-) Remember those Bloody Mary's, this will be an extra special treat

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