Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apothecary Jars = LOVE!

Apothecary Jars have been around for Centuries, and the original ones were used to hold spices, wine and other luxury items.  In the 16th Century they transitioned into more modern styles that were used by Pharmacist to store medicine, herbs & botany.  Now days, they are a stylish home and wedding accessory that I absolutely have fallen in love with.  There's just something about their versatile use and their vintage/modern combonation that just never lets me down. 

If your looking for a unique centerpiece, conversation starter, and something timeless, consider Apothecary Jars.  I love how this Bride turned the lid upsdie down and used it as a number holder as well as a centerpiece! 
Photo by Brookelyn Photography

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