Monday, January 9, 2012

{DIY- Boutonnieres}

I made all the boutonnieres for our wedding, attempting to replicate what "rose" boutonniers would look like.  I was happy with them- but  I will say if your going for fresh flowers which are always classic and beautiful!  Hire a floral designer!
BUT- Going along with today's weddings being personalized and filled with DIY{do it yourself}....I'd say create some boutonnieres with some personable style. Wow- I've seen some really neat ideas you can use as inspiration for this type of "craft"

~tie fresh herbs together
Artwork/Herb-Boutonnieres-diagram.jpg ...

~ Sew colorful buttons of varying shapes/sizes and use funky wiring for the stems

~ Use colorful ribbon, fabrics, and patterns to create brilliant petals

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