Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Hire a Videographer}

 So, I really don't enjoy telling couples where to spend their money when it comes to their wedding day.  Especially with the vast differences of personalities and backgrounds we all come from.  But, what I won't hesitate to tell a couple is to Please do yourselve a big favor and hire a videographer.  Does it have to be a professional??? in my opinion, the answer is "Nope!" But, if your in the local area- I know one I can recommend ;-) Ask me!
This is one *service we skipped out on when planning our wedding, and it's such an oh-so-big regret.
I thought to myself " well I invested in really good photographers, so the photos will tell the story", and " I don't plan to drink much so it's not like I won't remember the night" Ahhhhhh..... if only I could go back.  I indeed did have good photographers and I didn't have one too many glasses of wine at the reception, but four years later, here I sit barely able to remember a single thing from one of the most imporatant days of my life.   My uncle actually sent me video footage he took of our wedding ceremony and I am so so so grateful for it, but I don't have anything of our reception.  I want to hear the speeches, watch our first dance, and remember how happy everyone looked all in one big room celebrating "US".  It's a magical moment that I could have had on film, but because I must have wanted something else at the time such as a limo maybe or the "extra favors" I had...I know silly...I had TWO different favors at my wedding.  Either way, I didn't have a videographer and it's the one thing I always hear couples contemplating about. so I'm here to tell you "GO FOR IT" you won't regret it.  It's one of those days you wish you could re-live and that's the closest way you can do just that!

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