Monday, November 22, 2010

It's not all black and white...

Here's a tiny bit of information about [me]....
I had always wanted to get married in September.......September 1st to be exact.  My husband knew it and since he's a good "planner" - I love him for that ;) , he proposed September 8th with the idea that it would give me exactly 1 year to plan my dream wedding. 
Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that sometimes a year isn't enough for those reception venue calendars.  The entire Summer along with the month of September was booked for that next year.  They told me they had ONE date left, August 25th.  After a few days of being upset, looking at other venues, pondering other dates, I decided that like a breakup with a long term just "wasn't meant to be" and I convinced myself I would be okay to have a wedding that was not a September Weddding.  I got married August 25th!

However, every year since then when our anniversary rolls around I breath a quick sigh wishing I had found a way to have my september wedding.  Okay!! Enough blabbing from me about my wishes for a September 1st wedding, but that doesn't take away the love I still have for the beautiful fall weddings that still go on.  There just seems to be so many options out there for warm and elegant weddings in the fall, and if you just got engaged and your hoping to have a fall wedding next year- I hope your as impressed as I am with the beautiful yet fun color combos that are going to emerge for 2011!   Michelle Mospens of has been researching wedding colors for sometime and tells us to get ready to see "freash yellows" and "think sophisticaled oranges and tropical blues"  There will also be lots of apple green and purple. Of course the neutural colors are always dependable, I for one can't get enough of the warm rustic colors like chocolate and ivory, burnt orange and vintage everything!! 

Check out these inspiration boards and photos that give you a glimps of what the 2011 weddings will bring.  Don't ever be afraid to add color!!! It's not all black and white anymore!

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