Monday, November 14, 2011

{A Toast to the New Mr & Mrs...}

A reception toast, whether it be emotional, humorous, or just simply BAD, is a time for some reminiscing, thanking guest and wishing happiness to the newlyweds.  Below are some tips for the "toastee"
-According to the Emily Post Insistute, a toast should be short and to the point-not drone on in a way that takes attention from the couple and bores guest.
-Write down your speech and practice beforehand.
-Funny childhood stories, a time when the person was there for you, or a tasteful college incident will all work.
-If your completely unsure as to what you should say, Check out the vast amount of wedding toast websites available or check out a book at the library that might have info like this in it.  There is even professional wedding speechwriters if your wanting to go down that route.
-It's going to make you nervous, but throwing back a few drinks is never the way to go to alleviate pre-toast jitters.  You never know what might be said that's going to be regretted or not remembered later.
- Never use profanities, your sure to offend somebody.
-It doesn't need to be formal, poems, favorite songs, raps...all can make a speech creativily interesting. Inlist your DJ to help you when you "que" the music. 
-Although traditionally the best man then the maid of honor toast, there is no particular order you must follow and sometimes the Father of the Bride or other guest of honor may have prepared something special.
-Both the bride and groom might want to write their own toasts to give thanks to friends and family.
-Having the bride and groom toast each other adds a romantic touch to the occassion. 
Some of my favorite wedding speeches :)

Wedding Crashers

Michael Scott

The Wedding Singer

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