Monday, June 13, 2011

Candles...Candles....and more Candles....

You can never have too many candles. Period. Especially when it comes to your wedding reception!  Candles set a mood that sometimes artificial lighting just can't create.  Even more so, if you haven't invested in some "special lighting" or haven't been lucky enough to have a venue that provides it- then candles are a must in my opinion.  It doesn't matter if they are tall or short, big or small- they all work!  I make it a priority to bring candles with me to every single event I either host or coordinate.  Now days, I'm seeing flamless candles everywhere as well and there becoming more and more creative and realistic.  So if your worried that the venue or place your hosting the party isn't going to want real candles, get the fake ones!

Candle Centerpiece with Orchids

Blue and White Candle Centerpiece
Photos from

Photography: Geoffrey Horowitz

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