Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Heather from WhipperBerry "whipped up" these darling mini-cupcakes and highlighted them on her blog as great gifts for any occassion.  I luv them and only wish I had thought of the idea last year for my daughters 1st birthday.  I made A LOT of mini-cupcakes to go with the pretty decorated bigger cupcakes and we ended up freezing 1/2 of them because we had so many left.   Then the chocolates that were placed inside cute little "martha stewart" favor boxes -we're skipped over and my little boy and his friends tore through them later- taking all the chocolate...

What better way could I have sent guest off with a favor and a dessert from the dessert table? Cupcakes are my favorite, and mini cupcakes are just plain adorable for any event.  I would love to see these as a favor for a wedding!  So many times, guest are up and dancing before the cake arrives at their table and they miss out on some of the BEST food at the reception.  Trust me, if your cake came from Kelseys Kakes- you don't want to miss that part :) But, if you have a delicate little favor jar filled with yummy mini-cupcakes you know you won't go home empty handed missing dessert.  There so easy to make and not that expensive.  One box makes a lot of mini-cupcakes! 

WB 007

WB 021

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