Monday, June 20, 2011

{Wedding Attire for the GUEST}

I been a guest at many of weddings as well as coordinating them, and watch as guest arrive, dance the night away, and send the Bride and Groom off with warm wishes.  Never have I had to witness or experience a wedding disaster or an out-of-line guest...However, some of the attire I have seen is absolutely on my What NOT to Wear to a Wedding list So I thought I'd share...
It is (in my opinion) always going to be inappropriate to wear white to a wedding. No matter how hot the color is "in" any particular season, this trend just won't carry well on the day of someone big wedding if you are the guest.  Please leave the white, ivory, cream, lacy dress for the bride. No matter the texture or fabric, if it is white or remotely a shade of white/ivory etc, let it brighten your closet that evening, not the reception dance floor.
-The same goes for dresses that are too risque . A reception is not a nightclub, some downtown city receptions may give off a nightclub feel, and if you know ahead of time this IS the vibe for the reception, then that's for your to decision to make.  Yet, many times you’ll be going to a place of worship, and it's just not appropriate to wear something that would make your grandma turn her head in shame.  Use it for the bachelorette party ;-)
-Traditionally, black garments use to be considered to be frowned upon as wedding guest attire, However, in the day and age of the LBD (little black dress), I think it’s perfectly fine. Just be sure to accessorize with some fun jewelry pieces.
-Ladies...remember your shoes...your dress shoes and a matching pair of flats to thrown in your purse to relieve your aching feet and allow you not to fall and hurt yourself while moving on the dance floor after cocktail hour and the champagne toast.  Now days, flats are styled all sorts of ways and can be found ANYWHERE!
-If you seem to have many friends getting married in that same year, and you know your going to see a lot of repeat couples at these weddings, try to remember what dress you've worn to the first or second. I'm not pushing that you buy a different dress for ever wedding you ever attend, but be conscious of it, because chances are...someone will notice if you wear the same dress or outfit to three to four weddings in a row. It could be fun to grab a friend outside the "circle" and swap dresses with her for an event.
-Lastly, for you guys...please, please, please don't wear jeans!  I've seen this so many times, and I don't care how laid back the couple seem to be- it is inappropriate to wear jeans to a wedding.  Women, if you see him walking out the door with denim on, yell STOP! Your pictures will look 100% better and you'll blend in as a couple rather than stick out like the guy who just stopped by but wasn't really invited.

Here's a great suggestion for attire and accessories for any wedding
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